HyperLok™ High-Temp 3D Printing Adhesive


KPD’s HyperLok™ High-Temperature Adhesive

  • Great for Carbon Fiber & Garolite Surfaces
  • Polyamide (All Nylons)
  • All Fiber Reinforced Materials
  • Most common Materials
  • *Not Recommended for Glass Plate

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KPD’s High-Temperature 3D Printing Adhesive is the perfect solution for all of your Industrial 3D Printing needs.  Precisely Formulated to work at High Temperatures, making it easier than ever to Manufacture Industrial, High Temperature Polymers in the 3D Printing Industry.  HyperLok™ is NOT your average 3D Printing Bed glue, give it a try for yourself and let us know how you like it!



*Product still in Development, Orders shipped in Weekly Batches until further Notice*

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